Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Have a little heart, 3

I completed the Byzantine mosaic of the heart.  Then I went back and stitched Smyrna crosses in the black areas.  Well, I stitched them in most of the black areas.  One evening I discovered that I was blithely continuing the mosaic stitches in the black areas.  So some frogging occurred.  Obviously, I'm not perfect!

More of the outer border has been completed.  I also started stitching the diagonal mosaic in the slime green background.

Yesterday a customer came in to have me mark the stitches he had missed in his second Christmas stocking.  He stitched one last year for his first grandchild and then discovered his daughter was expecting twins.  The twins have been born and grandpa is almost finished the stocking for twin #1.
Yesterday he purchased a coordinating stocking for twin #2 who is named after him.

On both of the stockings Web has done, he has come into the shop and asked me to suggest a stitch or stitches for the next area he wants to stitch.  Prior to the stockings, his only stitching had been some basketweaved belts.  Now he's doing pattern stitches.  I use needles to mark missed stitches for customers.  However, in this case, I had to first remove the canvas from the stretcher bars.  That's why Web is wearing the bars.  In his right hand are the two Stitchopoly games that he spied under one of Needle Nicely's benches.  They will be gifts for two of his stitching friends.

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  1. What a nice grandfather to stitch stockings for the new arrivals! I've never heard of Stitchopoly--sounds intriguing!