Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New canvases are arriving!

Sunday afternoon I looked out of my kitchen window and spied a tiny bunny rabbit in the front yard.  The temperature was about 48 degrees (cool for here, but of course nothing like up North in the snow storm).  I grabbed my camera and slowly opened the front door.  The hearing of wild animals is so acute that I was afraid that just the sound of the door's opening would spook the rabbit.  I was also afraid to approach too close, so the images are quite small.  The body was so compact with the ears tight against the body, I assume because of the cold.  I really wanted to bring it inside (as if I would be able to catch it!), but I knew the city slicker (my husband) would frown strongly on that.  Still, here's a photo.  Hope you can discern the bunny.

I live in a reasonably new development (13 years old).  It had just started developing wildlife like squirrels and rabbits when the 2004 hurricanes arrived.  Then, before they could return came the 2005 hurricane.  We've had squirrels for several years now (though only this year have I seen them in the shopping center occupied by Needle Nicely).  At last, the bunnies are back!  Some people resent them for eating foliage, but I love to see them at twilight feeding on the grass.

At the shop, I've tried to restrain my ordering for the new season.  Times are changing in the industry and people seem to be looking on the internet and finding canvases they want.  I am fortunate that many of my customers ask me to order for them.  But in general, people are not looking at my canvas inventory, with the exceptions of Christmas stockings, belts, and Christmas ornaments.  That's why I'm trying to limit my ordering, but I'm an old dog and I like to see lots of new canvases when the season arrives.

Here are some of this week's arrivals:

This is one of a series of canvases by Raymond Crawford devoted to weddings.  The others are "Mr. & Mr" and "Mrs and Mrs".  It's a clean, elegant look that is appropriate, no how formal or informal the wedding.

This canvas for graduates is also by Raymond
Crawford.  Just fill in the name of the graduate
and the date of graduation.  Perfect gift!

This is one of the wise men from a new creche by Raymond Crawford.  I can't wait for the camels to arrive, because they are downright funky and look like immense fun to stitch.  I may have to blog stitch one of them.

Next is a clutch purse canvas by Zecca.  Those fish look like such fun to stitch and they will look good with a vast array of background stitches from black to aqua to navy.
This is such a classic design by Zecca of a loon with her eggs.  I love the elegance of the design.

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  1. Fun canvases, Mary Agnes! Wish I had a use for the Zecca clutch purse--cool design!