Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More and more canvases

It's almost like Christmas at Needle Nicely, but UPS won't cooperate.  They and the post office are giving us only one package apiece a day.  This is the time of year when I should be getting a Bonanza! of canvases. But we'll settle for what I received today.

This first canvas is an Amanda Lawford doorstop canvas.  What a wonderful classic design, though some might want to change the background color.
 Last month we had several women in who were buying compact mirrors and luggage tags along with the canvases that go in them.  So I needed to restock.  Actually, some of them, like the basketball one, could be a Christmas ornament.  Now if I just remember to tell people to look in the white basket, not in the ornament section.
 This is a new design of, I assume, the New York skyline.
 Lee's Needle has a floral alphabet that fits in many of their self-finishing items.  I finally ordered one so people could get the idea to stitch everyone's name's first letter.  Time will tell if this marketing idea works.
This is a 5x7 (I think?) design from Lee's that can become the flap on a prefinished purse they sell--or it could be a pillow insert or can be applied to the side of a tote bag.
 This is only 5x7 (same size as the sailboat canvas).  I love the flow of those butterflies.  My mind is scrambling trying to come up with stitches for this and ways to use it.


  1. Great selection of canvases, Mary Agnes--you've chosen well! Love the Amanda Lawford doorstop and I think the initial canvases by Lee may take off. Change the initial to a metallic and a Christmasy background color, and you have an ornament as well.