Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And the canvases keep coming

The assymetry of this canvas really appeals to me.  It is by Penny Macleod of The Collection Designs.  I won't stitch it, but I want to!
And I have mixed feelings about the Scotch stitches on the right side of the face on this canvas.  Too  close to acne--I think I would do something like Byzantine mosaic or jacquard, rather than the Scotch stitch.  But I love the rest of it.  Yummm!
I have a customer who is stitching this heart canvas as a ring pillow for her granddaughter's wedding later this spring.  It's an oldie, but goodie and forever appropriate.
This is the latest in the parade series that Ashley has done for Susan Roberts Needlepoint.  My mind is spinning, trying out different stitches for the various areas.

1 comment:

  1. Some unusual designs coming our way. The beach parade is definitely my favorite!