Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tough two weeks

It's been a tough two weeks, physically.  It seems everyone in Vero Beach has been fighting a head/chest infection that my doctor told me usually lasts 3 weeks.  Two weeks ago, Marcia came to work coughing and sneezing.  This was Thursday and Friday.  All weekend, I wheezed and sneezed.
On Monday, I disinfected the shop counter, telephones and other areas where Marcia had sneezed, but it was too late for my asthma and pitiful sinuses.  But I'm stubborn--I have a regular doctor, but I am reluctant to miss work to see him.  I held out, though I left work about an hour early every day.  Than, a regular customer who has the same doctor, came in and chastized me for not having gone to see him.  She did just after her last Needle Nicely visit and she was now symptom-free.  So I called and went to see him.  I've now had a cortisone shot for my asthma, and an antibiotic for my sinusitis and I already feel better.  Will I procrastinate the next time--sad to say, probably.  At least I have the consolation that sinusitis isn't infectious so I wasn't typhoid Mary to my customers--and my husband has had no ill effects.  That's a relief!

The downside of feeling  "punk" is that I haven't felt like stitching, so my Noel has suffered.

Of course, while cropping this picture, I noticed that what I call the Byzantine mosaic that I did on the bright yellow ornament is obviously a variation, since it appears that I compressed the stitch in one area.  Ah, well!  Only someone looking really closely will notice!  And you're the only people I'm pointing it out to.

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  1. Glad you're on the mend! "Tis the season, you know. And your "Noel" is looking fine--what's in a name, after all? We have our own versions of the creeping crud up north and trying to steer clear.