Saturday, February 27, 2016

The journey to wi-fi

Needle Nicely has had a computer for its inventory record for approximately 25 years.  It has never been connected to the internet.  I'm the one who I felt would be playing on the internet, not any of our employees.  I have a computer at home that I use for Needle Nicely's blog, email, and website. I added wi-fi to that computer over a year ago when I purchased a Paperwhite kindle.  What  a wonderful experience.

Last spring I ordered an ipad for Needle Nicely so I could access the websites of various needlepoint designers for my customers.  Of course I didn't consult anyone.  I ordered an ipad for wi-fi.  You can now hear my very loud duh!!  Not working at all, thank you.  So began my ordeal to add internet service and wi-fi to Needle Nicely's location.   I started a week after receiving the ipad.  I got lost several times within Earthlink's telephone tree.  I, of course, want to combine my soon-to-be two account locations.  Finally I connected with a gentleman named Michael.  He said he was a different department and would connect me to someone who could set-up my account.  That resulted in my reaching a telephone message informing me to leave my name and number and someone would contact me.   Three hours later, no contact.  So I started through the phone tree again, but again in a different way to prevent a dead-end.  Amazingly, I got Michael again.  Now, what are the chances of that?  I accused him of being the only human employee of Earthlink.  He denied it, but did offer to take my information and make sure someone would contact me.  Two weeks passed.  No contact.

Then someone hacked the credit card number that Needle Nicely uses for automatic payments from monthly accounts, like internet access--Earthlink.  After telling someone the new number, I used the opportunity to once again attempt to get wi-fi.  I spent over 1 1/2 hours with a gentleman in India, who spent most of the time reading me the account agreement at least 4 times.  When I urged speediness since it was a business line, he read the agreement again.  I think he did manage to merge the two accounts.    I have received two emails from Earthlink concerning the shipment of the modem and router, both showing the wrong address for Needle Nicely (it's the one we had before Hurricane Wilma so rudely relocated us 10 1/2 years ago).  After the first email, I called Earthlink again, to be sure they were shipping to the correct address.  I was again assured everything was correct.  Before I stopped at our old address and told the people there where we are located, the shipment arrived.  Truth be told, I decided to go with AT&T at the shop for wi-fi, after all the hassle with Earthlink.  I'm still with Earthlink at home because that is the email address Needle Nicely has had from the absolute beginning.

However, I'm beginning to feel like a Luddite.  The past two months have been quite frustrating about my wi-fi and internet connection.  I've spent hours on the phone talking to Ind-yah.
Today, I was working on the internet at 4pm, then left to stitch and do other things.  When I came back at 5:30 to do this blog, no internet.  I guess I just need to reconcile myself to weekly talks with Ind-yah and work on my British/Indian accent.  I do catch myself changing the cadence of my speeh with repeated conversations with Earthlink consultants.

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  1. If it's any consolation, insurance companies' telephone trees can be just as tall, albeit in this country.