Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Not much stitching going on

About 3 weeks ago, I realized that I had a lot of dead wood at Needle Nicely on primarily 18mesh canvas that my customers weren't interested in (or couldn't see).  As a member of the Facebook Needlepoint Nation, Brick and Mortar Shop Owners, and Needlepoint Nation Stash Exchange Groups, I realized that I had an avenue for trying to sell these canvases.  Admittedly, many are discontinued; many are ones I wish I had time to stitch.  That's why they are still in my inventory.  But reality rears its head.  And in the summer, I have time to photograph and do the physical listing and maintain records for who has paid and who hasn't.  Of course, my husband has noticed that I have disappeared into the "computer"--our guest room.  He has finally stopped asking if I am working or goofing (I'm also an addict to video poker!).

I am lucky, because after almost 5 years of blogging, I am at least comfortable enough with a digital camera that I can use it  to take photographs and then edit, before posting.  So photographing the canvases to be offered for sale just require some time during the day.  Trust me, in Vero Beach in June, a specialty shop like Needle Nicely has many times during the day when other activities can occur.  Usually I watch DVDs--either from Netflix or from DVDs that I have purchased over the years.  I am currently watching the 3rd year of The Newsroom while I stitch.  When I am doing chores, like preparing shipping items, I either listen to a CD of Aaron Neville or Il Volo (the no longer little boys from Italy).

Coupled with this is that last Wednesday night, I experienced a gout attack in my left elbow.  The bursa was "compromised" so I had this mis-shapen, fluid-filled, large bruised area around the elbow. The pain went away overnight Wednesday, which was a blessing.  Off to the doctor for a diagnosis and eventual cortisone shot and a prednisone prescription.  I don't react well to cortisone--I become even jumpier and can't settle to anything, like stitching or sleeping.  I couldn't even coerce myself to start cleaning out "the closet from Hell".  Nope, I read and played computer games, with a tad of on-line shopping thrown in.  I finally went to bed Saturday night/Sunday morning at 7am.  How delightful!  At that, I only slept 3 hours, and then the marathon began again.  At least I had the Sunday newspapers to sedate me!  At least the treatment is working and things are slowly getting back to normal--I even stitched a little last night while watching the quiz programs.  Hooray!


  1. I've been watching your Stash Exchange postings and there are so many that i've never seen before. I hope they quickly find new homes.

  2. Oh, Noooooo--hope the elbow recovers quickly!

  3. A wonky arm is no fun--heal quickly, Mary Agnes!