Saturday, June 11, 2016

Straggler new canvases

In the past few weeks, I have received some remnants from my canvas orders placed before the season.  I had notified most of the designers with outstanding orders to delay delivery after April until October.  I was looking forward to getting one from Juli Poitras.  The other included a special order from Cooper Oaks.

I ordered this belt of woody cars for a customer.  It is by Susan Barnes and produced by Cooper Oaks.

While checking out the belt canvas on-line, I couldn't resist this canvas of lavendar harvesters.
 Vero Beach has lots of sea turtles laying eggs on our beaches in (I think) February and March.  We have laws restricting the location of outdoor lights on properties facing the beach because new-born turtles head for light (the moon over the Atlantic) and if homes have lights, the turtles will head inland and die.  This belt canvas is a JP design.
 I can't remember if this is a long pillow or a Kate Spade-style pocket book (Imagine the middle chevron as the bottom of the tote bag-style purse).  Either way, it will be fun to stitch.  It is also a JP design.
 And, lastly from Juli Poitras, is this heart-encircled picture frame.  I also think it would be delightful with a monogram or short saying in the opening.
 This classic Santa canvas is a 7" canvas by JP designs and is a reincarnation of a canvas that they originally presented 25 or 30 years ago.  Julie also does this in a 15" version, which I hope to stitch as a shop model later this summer.


  1. Great canvases, Mary Agnes. Do you REALLY want to stitch a 15-inch Santa?! The little guy is very cute.

  2. Of course she wants to stitch a 15 inch Santa! (Much smaller than one of the huge Amanda Lawford ones that are so lovely so I will be quiet so MA doesn't notice one of those!)