Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shop model philosophy

When I originally mentioned on this blog that I intended to stitch JP's 15" Santa, rather than the smaller 7" one, Anne Stradal was cautionary.  And Jane of Chilly Hollow encouraged me to consider one of Amanda Lawford's much taller Santas.

Years ago, Trubey believed in always having a model of something no one would consider stitching for themselves.  After all, a needlepoint shop should show what, in an ideal world, can be accomplished in needlepoint.  And that has been Needle Nicely's philosophy for over 40 years.  We don't often articulate it, but that's what we believe.  That's why over 30 years ago, I traveled to the Atlanta market in the airport Hilton and ordered 3 Gerry satchel canvases from Elizabeth Turner Designs.  One was for Trubey, one for her mother Zoe, and one for me.  I stitched mine for use as a shop model.  The only time it has been out of the shop was when Trubey's daddy took us to England on the QEII on about 1988.  I know I eventually stitched Zoe's bag, but can't remember if Trubey ever stitched her own.

Though  the original Mary bag was only stitched for a conversation (and wow!) piece, it is surprising how many other satchels of various sizes and designs we have sold over the years because we had this model.

The same philosophy applies to the 30" Susan Roberts nutcracker that I stitched two years ago.  Susan does the nutcrackers in 30", 18" , and 9" sizes.  I opted for the largest one because he makes such a statement.  Also, seeing the finished product was personally satisfying.  Here again, I have not sold another 30" canvas, but I have sold several of the smaller sizes.  So, the model achieved its purpose in being a sales tool.


  1. So nice to see Gunther again! He truly is a wonder of stitching and tenacity. I remember your angsting over all the interlocking Gobelin for his trousers.

  2. the nutcracker is stunning - I still hope to visit your shop one day! I'm sure it's very inspiring - until then I'll keep reading your blog which I enjoy very much ! Mel

    1. There are lots of great restaurants and shops in Vero, in addition to Needle Nicely, of course. It's really worth a trip!