Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Be Merry, 8

And more creeping of the stitching needle--shipped 13 packages today and another 14 on Friday.  I'm doing gangbusters on NNSE, but all that wrapping is cutting into my shop stitching time.  I managed to get a smidge done.
I also received M samples of two alphabets that Associated Talents has designed.

The bottom one is my favorite because of the round mints, but I plan to stitch both for shop models.  Of course, one wonders what century that might occur?  


  1. Are these more "Merry" canvases but with a different base? I see why you like the peppermints.

  2. I think just variations on a theme.

  3. Mary Agnes, I enjoyed visiting your store yesterday and will stop by next week to ask for an advice on how to needlepoint the round mints on the "M" canvas pictured below. Have a wonderful day! Andra