Saturday, July 30, 2016

Politics versus small business owner

I am an American.  I have strong political beliefs.  I own a needlepoint shop.  I do not discuss religion, politics, or money.  These are my credos.

I have many customers who I love dearly, who subscribe to a different political party than I do.  I try to be noncommittal when political  discussions (in particular) surface.  It took one of my friends over three years to finally discover that I didn't agree with her politically.  That to me is the epitome of a small business owner.  We are small and we need every customer we can get.  Why lose them over a discussion of politics.  I'd rather offend someone over whether they need to do the basketweave or the continental, or stitch with silk rather than wool.  THAT'S my business.  Could we please go to the British system where they only spend 6 weeks on this excruciating experience?  I think about all the money spent on political advertising--and think about how many hungry, homeless people it could feed.  We need to get our priorities right.