Saturday, July 16, 2016

Needlepoint sandals

It has been over a year since a West Coast finisher of shoes closed her operation.  About the same time, Elizabeth Turner Finishing stopped making shoes.  Since then many styles of needlepoint shoes are no longer available, such as full shoes.  However, as I was reminded Thursday when a new customer came in Needle Nicely, there are still a few styles available.

One style is the slide.

A word of caution:  Often parts of shoes are manufactured in various European countries.  When you see "Made in Italy"--that means the heel or whatever, not the entire shoe!

The other styles are thong-types.  Our model of the first style has a Cuban heel, though other height heels could be used.

Then there are thong sandals made from belt canvases (or custom-designed monograms in a belt width).


  1. So who's doing the finishing, Mary Agnes, and what is the cost?

  2. The belt thong sandals are about $115; the cuban heels and the slides are both about $375.