Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Golfing, anyone?

My husband, Arthur, has lost interest in his own golf game.  He still delights in watching televised European, PGA and LPGA tournaments.  Over 20 years ago, I had Needle Nicely design these golf club covers for him while he was still playing. I like the simplicity of the design (and so did he--he's a minimalist!).  Alphabets on the diagonal are difficult to design, but I think these are quite attractive.

Well, I shouldn't complain.  I managed to bully two side-by-side.  But the third just refused to cooperate.  And I kept messing with it.  That's enough.
We had these finished by Elizabeth Turner Collection (now The Meredith Collection) with naughahyde.  The clubs did not include any "Big Bertha" types, which offer more challenges in the finishing.  The three covers were tied together by strips of rawhide.  I didn't photograph them, but they are still usable.


  1. Nice, clean designs. I think these would appeal to both male and female golfers, and the green/blue combo wouldn't be difficult to change if someone wanted a brighter color.

  2. Those are awesome! I agree with simplicity of them (I too am a minimalist).

    You did a great job and I think they look wonderful

    Chuck @ The QATSPY Golf Approach