Saturday, August 27, 2016

Joan Gantt's Heritage Designs creations

In the mid-1970s and early 1980s, Joan Gantt published many lace-like designs for needlepoint.  They were stitched primarily in Paternayan wool, but lately I've been thinking using fibers such as silk 'n ivory, perle cotton, and 6-strands of splendor.  These fibers would produce even more elegant varieties of the designs.

Joan published a booklet of some of the designs.  She used eyelet stitches and Smyrna crosses to produce the lace-like designs.
Other designs she packaged them with stitch guides and provided the canvas and  yarn count.

 The Westminster Work designs also contained some stumpwork stitches such as picot petals.

Needle Nicely has copies of some of Joan's designs for sale.  Trubey and I are both close relatives of packrats!


  1. These make lovely, classic "lace" pillows. I have a friend who collects Joan Gantt's charts. I'll tell her you have these, in case she is missing one of the selection you have.

    1. Jane, I may have a few others. I didn't want this to look like a catalog!

  2. These were some of my very favorite designs to stitch!

  3. Could you send me a list of Joan Gantt patterns you have for sale?