Saturday, August 20, 2016

Noel, XIV

This morning I made myself finish the large gold ornament while I watched the final round of the women's golf at the 2016 Olympics.  Though I was disappointed that the Americans didn't medal, it was a momentous occasion for the LPGA--since all three medal winners were Asian. That is a gigantic audience/market just waiting for the development of golf.  All three medalists are such good role models.  The gold medalist, Inbee Park who is South Korean, is so calm and within herself while she sinks seemingly impossible putts.  Lydia Ko, a Korean transplanted to New Zealand, is a laughing, articulate 19-year-old who won the silver medal.  ShanShan Feng, the bronze medalist, is from China.  There was so much pressure from their countries for these women to win.  I'm not a golfer (obviously, I devote my life to a needlepoint shop!), but I can really appreciate their talents and achievements.

If you enlarge the photo, I think you can see that those dark squares and rectangles are Scotch stitch and cashmere stitch.  The rest is continental or basketweave.

This is an overview photograph of my progress on the canvas.
There is a lot of background to stitch and lots of ribbon, not to mention that gigantic green ornament to the right.  Now, if I can just be diligent and make progress!

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