Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Things you should know about finishing and how to prep for it

Things you should know about finishing and how to prep for it:
1.  You should ask your shop whether or not you should add extra rows to your pillow or stocking            canvas.  My current finisher doesn't like them, but I previous finisher wanted them.  My ornament      finisher finishes things by hand and therefore doesn't require extra stitching around the ornament.        My belt finisher likes 1 1/2 " of needlepoint for a 1 1/4" belt. He prefers 6" of needlepoint less            than the finished belt size.  Other belt finishers prefer 4" less.  Some belt finishers also want the
     binding stitch done of the edges of the design.
2.  Backing materials:  Each shop varies, so double-check with your local needlepoint shop.  I have a
     finisher who offers fabric samples, but I also have fabric in stock.  I do not have  an inventory
     of commercial cording, so I prefer that my customers provide this.  I do make perle cotton cording
     for finishing, but do expect a customer to provide more commercial cordings. My ornament  
     finisher provides her own fabrics, though I send perle or metallic for the twisted cording.  Some
     finishers prefer to have the free rein to decide how an item is finished.  I prefer to give
     detailed instructions.
3.  Price is determined on what is done to the needlepoint.  The price should always include blocking.
     However, anything else that is added, such as twisted cord; commercial cord; cord in a  
     contrasting color; fabric framing; silk fabric rather than moire; down filling...and on and on.              There are many more elements that can be added to determine the final finishing cost.

FYI, Amy Bunger's August newsletter shows many samples of a finisher Amy often uses.


  1. Mary Agnes, what's your deadline for Christmas finishing for this year?

  2. Christmas stockings & pillows September 1; regular belts mid-November; Christmas ornaments mid-November.

  3. And did Facebook hiccup to make this entries layout so hard to read? I certainly didn't type it that way!