Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mysteries of Life

Why is it that when you finally realize that you have a sinus infection or bronchitis or some other illness--it always happens on a Thursday night or Friday morning?  And you know your doctor doesn't work on Friday or Saturday or Sunday?  That's what always happens to me.

The same thing seems to apply to appliances.  Saturday night, while pre-heating the oven for the baked potato to go with our Saturday night New York strip steak, my husband noticed that it wasn't progressing past pre-heat.  Of course, I had also put the slivered almonds in to be toasted so I could add them later to our fresh green beans (cooked in the oven with olive oil and parmesan cheese added in addition to the almonds).  After half an hour, I remarked to my husband that the almonds weren't browning and the oven was still indicating pre-heat.  Hummm!  I improvised using the microwave, but wonder what the verdict will be on Monday--new control panel (the 2nd in 15 years) or a new oven.  Tune in.

Monday--We opted for a new range, thinking that paying about $250 for a service call and repair to a 15-year-old stove was wasted money and we should pay the extra money for a new stove.  We had previously paid for a new control panel.  New stove, here we come.  Of course, we innocents didn't realize that a new stove will take over two weeks to arrive in Vero Beach.  My New Yorker husband remarked that this could never happen in the big city.  My response wasn't "Stuff it", but I wanted to say it.  Of course, now we have to examine our menus carefully to ensure they don't require a hot oven (ours seems to be lukewarn, even when set on 400 degrees).  We've been doing a lot of take-out (Vero Beach-style), so the oven only seems to be rarely utilized--for lasagna, chocolate cookies, biscotti, garlic bread, and some dishes I can not recall at this moment.  I used to "cook" every evening, but as time has progressed, our appetites and needs have decreased.  I have a toaster oven at the shop that I am bringing home for warming things up.

 And this seems to be an appropriate time to mention that Arthur and I would both kill for a reasonably decent Chinese restaurant.  Almost to the point of opening one ourselves!


  1. Planned obsolescence--why the control panel on our eight-year old dishwasher burned itself out two years ago. Come north for good Chinese food!

  2. We would kill for good Chinese, too--ever since Frank sold Shun Lee Palace, we haven't had any. And we replaced a washing machine in less than three years--and it was a Maytag!!!

  3. Our stove at our house went out, so the kids went to get a new one. $3500 later we have a new stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. The dishwasher had stopped working months ago and while the refrig was still good, if you are replacing two why not three? of course it wasn't their credit card :( Enjoy your new oven, we hope to enjoy ours if we ever get to move back home. until then the girls are enjoying the new appliances.