Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stitching Tools for Destination Dallas

I wanted everyone to see the stitching tools I take with me when I go to market.

First, I have my magnetic needle case (which will also hold my scissors).  Then the Quick-Grip that I use to hold my stretcher bars in place on a table, rather than using a frame weight.  Then, Needle Nicely's business cards, which sometimes I totally forget.  Below that  is my thimble, which I forgot to lay on its side so you could really see it.  After that, my pendant watch (I don't usually wear a watch, but one is necessary at market to be  on time for classes or luncheons, etc.).  A friend of mine bought it on Canal Street in New York and I begged her for it.  Next are my embroidery scissors.  This pair is from Gingher,  Then the brass tacks that also have a small "rare-earth (I think)"
magnet attached.  Next to last is my Dansjo light with its long cord and my centuries-old name tag from TNNA.  

I wanted to copy a previous post where I showed the Vera Bradley purse and tote that I always take to market. I found the photos but they were so blurry, so I decided to take new ones. Several years ago, I was waiting at baggage claim for my suitcase, and a fellow shopowner came up and introduced herself.  She had seen the photos on my blog and knew immediately who I was.  Marvelous!

  Now to assemble my pharmacy for the trip!