Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PinCushions, I

Years ago I purchased some shoe pincushions from Designing Women.  Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I managed to hide them in a display case where no one noticed them.  The other day I realized how ignored they were and took photographs for the blog.  This is their time in the limelight!

This is a molded resin seashell from England.

The remaining pincushions are unknown in composition, but it is probably also resin.  This one looks like a cowboy boot's detail, but it's more a cut-off boot.  And of course, I haven't figured out how to make them play nice together.  They should be side-by-side.  Obviously, that ain't going to happen! But I wanted to show 2 views so you could see the pincushion on all sides.  I've been successful in lining some of them up, but I have no idea how I did it.  And they down-loaded so closely together that they won't let me comment between the images.  Ah, well!  I'll comment here.  The next shoe is a Carnaby Street-style (or also a turn-of-the 20th century model).  I owned a pair of shoes with a slightly lower heel "during the day" and quite striking I was with my textured stockings!

The next pair (red/black/yellow) looks like a mod dream.  After that comes a pair I think of as Edwardian or Victorian.  Then comes the giraffe.  The last three pair strike me as mid-20th century America culture.  I like looking at all of these, but realize that I should share them with others since I own a retail store!