Saturday, September 10, 2016

Noel, XVI

I want to start this entry with a reminder to tighten your canvas on the stretcher bars periodically.  It tends to loosen over time and exposure to humidity.  That eventual loosening defeats the purpose of having it on a frame--so when in doubt, tighten it!  Which I just did.

I've been watching the US Open Tennis, and occasionally stitching, trying to get to the ribbons at the bottom of the canvas--and I succeeded!  Hooray!

Today I realized that I don't usually stitch one element to a certain point so compulsively, then another element, etc.  I'm usually more even-handed with one or two strands of this color, one or two strands of that color, and so on.  But the devil seems to grip me with this canvas; and I want to see that white background stitched, or that green ornament stitched.  At least today I managed a good stopping point on the white background!

1 comment:

  1. The twinkly woven stitch background is very attractive. Have you given any thought to perhaps back-stitching around the white/red/green "tree" ornaments?