Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pincushions, II

This blog is about Needle Nicely's sterling silver pincushions.  I was thinking as I photographed them, that they needed to be polished.  While I was editing the photographs, I realized that they needed the tarnish to photograph well.  But I'll be taking a polish cloth in to buff them up!
This heart is badly tarnished and there didn't seem to be a good angle for photographing it.
This is a sling-back high heel that is so glamorous!
This bird has such graceful lines that just seem to flow.  It feels good in your hand.
You have to look closely to discern the features of this elephant.
This is the ugliest turtle I have seen!  I guess it's the thought that counts.  We have turtles nesting on our beaches in Vero, so people have a special interest in turtles.
This frog sort of looks pre-Colombian--very rudimentary.   

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