Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rearranging the pillows on the shelves around the top of the walls

As I have said previously, before Hurricane Matthew Marcia and I took all of the pillows down from the shelves around the top of Needle Nicely's walls.  We stashed them in cabinets all around the shop.
When we dug them out, Marcia took them outside and banged them together to eliminate some of the dust.  Then I weeded a few out (like an old beginner class model that we no longer use).  Those you can see in the list to the right at the top of the page (discontinued models on sale).  The prices are really steals.

Saturday Macy came in and we proceeded to return the pillows to the shelves, changing  their positions from where they had been.  Macy was the climber of choice.  She also put some more canvases on the walls to accompany those Marcia and I had put up.  The remaining blank spaces will be filled, probably next week after the sale.  I'm hoping that this week we are going to be too busy to think about things like that.  Here are pictures of the current situation.

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  1. The shop looks lovely! And I see a Christmas tree in the background!