Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blowin' in the Wind

The past week or 10 days have been quite breezy in Vero Beach.  Someone told me last week to expect a windstorm--well, it was windy; but definitely not a windstorm.  Since we are on the ocean, people often forget that breezes can be intense.  You forget that you had the door of that slider open, and you open the front door.  Every door in the house will slam emphatically, and create a tremendous thunderclap that threatens your hearing.  That's when you need needlepoint brick doorstops.

I noticed two doorstops today that people tend to ignore.  The first is a lion designed by Jane Nichols.  She includes the stitch guide.  It's stitched in persian wool and the brick stands upright when finished.

Years ago, I taught this house doorstop to other shopowners at a TNNA market.  It was a design by Sally Luedke of Canvas Connection.  I say "was" because she discontinued the design about 2 years after I taught the class.  I still have canvas and fiber kits left over from that class.

This is the front door side of the doorstop.
And this is the back of the house.

And one side of the house.  I always like looking at the stitches I selected for the foliage.  That was fun!

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  1. Pretty doorstops! And good for places like the Cape, too!