Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Remnants of past inventory

There is a box of "stuff" near my chair at "the" table where I have been balancing items like magazines to be read during lunch and items I need to rewrite or in general do something with.  That latter does not mean ignore, but that seems to be what has been happening.  I just discovered a Facebook page for selling cross stitch materials (Cross Stitch Buy and Sell).  So I decided this afternoon to empty the box and sort its contents into categories.  

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, approximately 33% of Needle Nicely's sales in Blowing Rock were cross-stitch related.  When we eliminated cross-stitch because it didn't justify its space in our Vero Beach shop (too labor-intensive, space-taking to pay for its floor space), I kept a copy of some cross stitch books, primarily those dealing with alphabets or borders or classical designs.  These include booklets designed by Gloria & Pat; Graphique Needle Arts; Rose Ann Hobbs; and others.

In the boxes, I also discovered charts of several figures representative  (nearby in Boone) of
Appalachian State University.  

This is "Yosef", symbolizing "yourself", and is the mascot of the Appalachian Mountaineers.  He usually appears with a  flint-lock (I think) rifle at all sporting events.  

And a doorstop utilizing a logo of the university circa 1980.

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