Saturday, March 11, 2017

Stitching for Customers

My business plan is intent on depriving me of stitching time.  Recently, I've been selling items on Facebook's NNSE (needlepoint nation stash exchange) and the care and feeding of the entries is time consuming.  I'm allowed to have listed 25 items at a time.  They stay listed for one month, being reduced after 2 weeks and further reduction after 3 weeks. Their lifetime is one month, then they are removed.  The sold items stay listed until payment is received.  Then the process begins to list more items.

I also do Needle Nicely's daily bookkeeping and report filing.  My accountant takes my figures for the yearly tax returns.  I enter the weekly sales each weekend.  And one weekend a month I balance the checkbook.

All this is an attempt to gain your sympathy as to why I have managed to stitch so little this week.
You can barely see my progress.  The outer rows are basketweave.  Then there is a slanted gobelin over 2 threads.  It's going to be gorgeous when it has been stitched--and the deadline is the end of August.  Cross your fingers for me.

Edit:  Anne's comment reminds me to re-post the original photo of the Christmas stocking I am in the process of stitching for a customer.

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  1. Crossing my fingers, as always, but--what is it going to be?