Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Macy has been determined to clean up various areas of the back room that contain:  recent price lists; items she removed from "the sales floor area"; unfinished canvases from past classes I have taken (thankfully, I was sensible enough to fasten the fibers to the back of the frame); and just general things I thought were of interest and dumped there.

Here's the table today:
Those white rectangles are the reflections of the overhead lights on the glass on top of the table. Notice that I am not showing what is under the table.  One step at a time!

Macy and I also had to redo the cording for two rugs that are already at the finisher (we had sent some, but the finisher called and said they were too short).  We also crossed our fingers and twisted the cording for a rug that needs to be refinished.
The Paternayan yarn colors are 500, 100, and 715.  Cross your fingers that we did it right this time.  My finisher uses 3x the perimeter for the length of strands to be twisted.  I had previously done 2.5x.

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