Thursday, December 23, 2010

Larger needlepoint rugs

Our larger rugs are displayed on top of a glass-topped coffee table, thus allowing the small rugs to rest on the floor under the table.  Makes one wonder about her physical condition when she has to get down on her knees to show customers the rug inventory.  And getting up is definitely not a pretty sight!

A Lee's Needle Arts design,  this is a variation on the "Tree of Life" with each diamond containing a motif from the standard design.  On 10-mesh, the overall design is 34"x58".

Another Lee's Needle Arts rug, these zinnias will brighten any
life.  There are also individual flowers available as pillow canvases.  This rug canvas measures 36"x47" on 12-mesh canvas. 

This ornithology gem is from Juli Portras of Carmel, CA.  This is a 34"x48" 10-mesh canvas.  It shows the male and female of various bird species.

Tomorrow, Christmas eve,  I will finish unpacking the rugs from the plastic bins--obviously, too many canvases since it has taken so long.  I am an abstemious purchaser for a few days at least.  Today, while I had someone working with me, I climbed and put new canvases on two parts of the walls.  I learned years ago that it wasn't safe to climb when no one else was around--the footstool I was standing on broke and I hit the corner of a cabinet with my upper thigh. It was a frightening, learning experience.

My husband, Arthur, and I will be celebrating a quiet Christmas alone.  I have already brought some stitching home so I don't forget it tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful holiday.  Talke to you next week.


  1. Merry Christmas - and best wishes for your new endeavor this next year! If I were 25 years younger, I would take on that Zinnia rug immediately - especially if I still had a "Florida room" in Tallahassee to decorate. I'm loving seeing these rugs.

  2. i'm really enjoying watching you unpack and display all these beautiful rugs! I especially love the one at the top of this post.