Tuesday, December 14, 2010

victory over bureaucracy!

 I finally managed to convince the government that I wasn't trying to scam anyone--I just wanted to pay my payroll taxes.  Everyone now knows I'm merely inept!  I succeeded after a mere 45 minutes to obtain an
authorization of my account and the actual transfer of funds to pay Needle Nicely's November payroll taxes.
What a relief (and yes, I will be logging in this weekend to verify my password so this pain doesn't occur next month).

And now, to demonstrate (fingers crossed) that I remember how to post photographs, I want to discuss three rugs as I continue to unpack small (2' x 3') from my hurricane-protection plastic bins.  This process allows me to refresh my memory of which rugs we have currently and also to remind me how
attractive most of them are.  Occasionally there are those which cause me to wonder "what was I thinking?  This is a 2'x3' rug on 10-mesh from Lee's Needle Arts. 

This is a gorgeous shell rug, 2'x3' on 10-mesh from Rosalie Peters of Shariane Designs now distributed
by Kate Schofield.


This is another of Shariane Designs on 10-mesh canvas and 2'x3'.  It is instantly recognizably as Rosalie's design because of her color palate--3 corals, 3 aquay-blues, 3 greens, 3 golds, and in this case 3 lavenders. Totally a design statement! 

Stitching a needlepoint rug canvas is an extremely satisfying experience; so much so, that usually anyone who stitches one rug, then stitches another--and another, etc.  So much more satisfying an experience than pillow after pillow.


  1. N.B.: Woke up at 4 am to the realization that cooks have palates and artists have palettes. Oops!

  2. In one of her books, Maggie Lane once rationalized stitching a rug: if it takes two months to stitch a pillow, and six pillows equal a rug, then in a year's time you could easily stitch a rug!

  3. Shariane's things were gorgeous in the 70's - and still are. Outstanding florals. We did bell pulls back then - and I should have bought one of hers.