Monday, December 13, 2010

Quarterly reports

Procrastination, thy name is Mary Agnes.  Beginning Wednesday, quarterly tax depositors can no longer deposit the funds through their local bank, but must do direct deposit. Of course,  I waited until Sunday to log onto the website only to discover I need a pin and a password as well as my bank account number. 

I was on hold with the department handling this for over 2 1/2 hours this morning, afraid to hang up because I'd lose my place in the queue.  I finally buckled at 2 pm and went to lunch.  When I called later in the day, the wait was only 30 minutes.  The upshot of all this is that somehow I double registered (which could be fraud) so my account is frozen until tomorrow or Wednesday.  If it is Wednesday, I have to pay for my bank to wire the deposit or pay penalty and interest.  Repeat after me,  in the future I will do bureaucratic paperwork the day I receive it.

In the continuing drama of setting up this blog, no one can register comments on my Sunday post.  Did I do something?  I pushed so many buttons, settings, etc., in an effort to insert the two photographs that who knows what else I accomplished.  Cross your fingers that comments can be registered for this post.


  1. LOL it worked!! As for the paperwork, I now just throw it on the bed, heave big sighs, and play helpless, senile little old lady and hope my DD will do it for me. So far it hasn't worked. Now do a beautiful post with a beautiful picture.

  2. I'm practicing "creative avoidance" in two states. The one part of business that definitely isn't fun!

    The Creative Needle rug on your previous post is absolutely breathtaking! Please post more rug photos--one of these days I might lose my mind and get one!