Thursday, December 16, 2010

More needlepoint rugs

This is a 24"x36" 10-mesh needlepoint rug canvas by Lee that is part of the group that I have been unpacking from plastic bins. 

Another is this 24"x36" 13-mesh canvas from Inge Wooley of Creative Needle.  Now that I have managed to get some photos on the blog, I'll have to work on having items straight in the image!!  I suppose imperfection has a certain charm. 

Someone might wonder why the unpacking process is taking so long--we have over 25 smaller rugs (2'x3') and about the same number of rugs 3'x4' or larger.  In the past several years (due to the hurricanes and the slower economy) sales of rugs have decreased while my purchases have remained constant.  I made a decision not to purchase any new rug canvases for the 2011 season.  Some of the new designs were hard to resist.  Perhaps wanting to buy them will cause me to be more aggressive in offering discounts on the current inventory.

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