Thursday, December 9, 2010

needlepoint rugs

This is my first attempt at blogging--for a technically challenged needlepoint shop owner it has been quite a challenge.  For the record, I own Needle Nicely, a shop started by Peggy Rente and Trubey Walker in the early 1970s in Blowing Rock, NC.  Trubey expanded the shop to include a branch in Vero Beach, Fl., in 1981.  Eventually circumstances dictated the closure of the NC shop  and concentrating on the Vero Beach branch.  It is in its 4th location--the last occasioned by Hurricane Wilma who removed the roof.  It was truely a moving experience!!

Yesterday I started unpacking the shop's rug canvases from the plastic bins where they have been stored during hurricane season.  I plan on spreading the chore over the next week, partly because there is no pressure to unpack them (people don't seem to be clamoring to buy rugs right now--usually we sell them in March and April before people head north).

 Today I didn't unpack any rugs because I was unpacking Christmas finishing and calling the customers.  In the afternoon I went across the parking lot to the Majestic movie theater which participates in the HD live transmissions from the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the National Theatre in London.  Today was a modern production of "Hamlet" from London.  In the first act, I had to concentrate to keep from falling asleep.  As a former librarian, I thought I would rally to the cause better than I did.  I stuck with the performance solely because experiencing it is the springboard for having a discussion with someone about the play. Vero Beach is a small community where many of the play's attendees are my customers.  Attendances at the plays and operas allow for different conversational avenues. 

I was hoping to include a photograph of one of the rugs I had unpacked yesterday, but obviously the email link didn't work.  With my fingers crossed, I'm hoping that by my next post I will have figured out how to post a photograph to discuss.  Stay tuned!!  Mary Agnes


  1. Welcome to blogdom, Mary Agnes! Glad to have you with us!

  2. I loved your remark about not being able to post a picture. My very first blog post stated that I lost the picture somewhere in the computer for three days - I am not an electronic device savant. I had a dear friend in Tallahasse who was from Vero Beach. I look forward to your blog!! As Michaelangelo said, "I am still learning."