Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sasha, the lady chef keeper

This lady chef by TS Designs was my 2nd 2010 summer stitching project.  While things are quiet  in the shop I allow myself to stitch class projects and shop models.  I haven't named her yet, but must (just named her Sasha so I'd have a title for this post).  I have used silk 'n ivory, Balger #16 and perle cotton as fibers. On her head I have used mosaic and basketweave as stitches.  I didn't want stitches that were too large or demonstrative to dominate the overall effect.  Her eyes are still a mystery.  

 The body section of the chef again utilizes the mosaic stitch and basketweave.  Since this photograph, I have started the apron pockets in the nobuko stitch in white perle cotton.  The checks are done in alternating Scotch stitches.  Her scarf is two shades of red silk 'n ivory in the basketweave. I have yet to select a stitch for the top on the apron, but it will be in white perle cotton and probably basketweave.  The hand towels will be stitched in the woven stitch.  The celery body will be slanted gobelin mixed with continental vertically with the "head" being turkey work. 


These are the arms and legs.  I stitched the arms in the Milanese stitch in perle cotton.  The shoes were encroaching gobelin in silk 'n ivory and the checkerboard alternating Scotch in silk 'n ivory.  The vegetables were done in tent stitch in perle cotton.

The last flourishes on Sasha are going to have to wait while I put finishing touches on several pieces for classes I'll be teaching in February and March.  I must have the schedule finalized by the end of this coming week.

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  1. I'm assuming this is a 3-D design--it will be interesting to see it assembled!