Friday, January 21, 2011

canvases for votive candles

Today I finished stitching and assembling a votive candle model for the shop.

I recommend doing the stitching with the canvas on a frame to keep everything straight. That is especially important when using pattern stitches. For my birthday candle canvas, I did basketweave or continental using perle cotton and Balger braid #8. The toughest part was trimming the ends of the fibers so no ends were waving outside the stitched area.

Here is the painted canvas and the empty votive glass and battery-operated "flame".

This is the stitched canvas before cutting.

To assemble, you cut the canvas on the lines and using Alene's glue, apply the canvas to the votive glass. Very slippery. The glue is transparent when it dries so don't worry too much about having glue everywhere. It helps to have a rubberband to slip around the canvas to hold it in place until the glue dries (only a couple of minutes--staring at it doesn't make it dry faster). Next you cut the 3 ric-rac pieces for the top and bottom edges and the "back" seam and glue them in place, once again using rubberbands to keep them in place. And a beautiful finished product to sit and admire!!!

Hyla at The Point of It All Designs has over 20 different designs for these, for different holidays throughout the year.

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