Saturday, January 1, 2011

hot glue sparkles

Ruth Schmuff on her blog http://www.notyourgrandmother'  December 1, 2010, featured a hot glue gun and crystal beads that she had previously used on November 26 to attach crystals to a fairy needlepoint.  Well, I'm not crazy about sewing beads on canvas (beads can and do go everywhere in the room or perhaps the universe whenever I come near).  Being ever hopeful, I went to Michael's and purchased a "cordless crystal & study head-setting tool" and a package of 300 "iron-on crystals".

With the addition of 3 AA batteries and some tweezers, I was ready to start applying crystals. 
But on what?

My first thought was as ornaments on a Christmas tree.  On 18mesh canvas I did a pyramid of leaf stitches in 18mesh silk lame braid.  Then I placed

my crystals randomly by color on the spaces where the sides of the leaf stitches meet.  Ruth said she picked her crystals up with her tool--not being so steady of hand, I placed my crystals where I wanted them and then applied the tip of the heat-setting tool.  Be careful to keep the tool on the crystal and not on the fiber.  If you look closely you can see some spots where I singed the fiber. 

I also added 6 crystals at the top to form a star.  Now I'll add a row or two of continental stitch to smooth the edges and the tree ornament will be ready for the finisher.  I'll post a photo when I receive it back from the finisher.  (NOTE:  and I managed to not burn myself!!)

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