Sunday, January 9, 2011

wreath ornament with crystals

I had such fun doing the Christmas tree ornament with heat-applied crystals that I decided to stitch a Christmas wreath ornament.  Using a different shade of silk lame braid for 18m, I did the criss-cross Hungarian over the entire surface of the wreath.  The natural flow of the stitch leaves openings which are perfect for French knots, cross stitches, or heat-applied crystals.  I had originally planned to do a combination of French knots and crystals, but the French knots just didn't look right in either a contrasting color or the same shade of green. 

From this photograph it's difficult to discern whether the sparkles are crystals or beads.  I applied crystals to every other row and left a hole between crystals in a row.  That does not show in the photograph, but does show in person. 

The wreath and the tree were both such fun to stitch that I decided to produce kits so others can have the same fun.  I've started the stitches on each and included enough of the silk lame braid to complete the project.

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  1. This is one of my very favorite stitches - I use beads in the spaces left. Also, I have used two different colors, which creates a kind of "fabric" look. I want to do this on one of my topiary trees. Thanks for reminding me.