Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a Croc!!

One of the canvases I brought home from the wholesale cash 'n carry sponsored by the TNNA in St. Charles, MO, was a small "croc" canvas

designed by Kathy Schenkel. While I could envision its being appliqued on a tote bag or finished into a marvelous pillow insert, all I could see was a stand-up Christmas ornament.

Of course, not yet being in the mind-set of "it's for the blog", I started doing the encroaching Gobelin for the flesh--and then remembered that I should take a picture of the unstitched canvas. No way I was unpicking! I used DMC perle 5 in 754 for the flesh.

This is the finished canvas. I enjoyed doing the nobuko stitch for the body of the croc using Neon Rays Plus. I felt the ribbon of Neon Rays Plus was especially effective (I tried to be careful to lay it smoothly). Then, for the strap and sole, I used another shade of NRP in the mosaic stitch. The "airholes" were long stitch in white gold rush 18.

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