Thursday, January 13, 2011

More needlepoint classes

One of the classes I taught in February was based upon a design by Linda Damiani that appeared in the Sept/Oct, 1991, issue of "Needlepoint Plus". She arranged over 20 stitches and combinations of stitches into a design for the front of an ultrasuede cosmetic case. The original design was done on 18mesh canvas. My students prefer stitching on a larger mesh and so I adapted the design to 13mesh by extending the right side and by repeating some of the stitches to complete the upper right of the design.

This is the photograph that appeared in the "Needlepoint Plus".

To honor copyrights, Needle Nicely purchased sufficient copies of the magazine when I originally taught this class so that each of my students has her own copy of the instructions. After this offering, I will have to limit my future students to 3 since that is how many copies of the magazine I have remaining.

The fourth and final class I offered consisted of a choice of one of 4 ornaments designed by Jean Hilton for Rainbow Gallery. Jean Hilton is my favorite needlepoint designer. She died several years ago, but her stitches and designs are timeless. Too many designers today utilize her stitches without crediting Jean's creativity.

I stitched these three samples years ago on a vacation in the Bahamas.There is a 4th design that I need to stitch so I have the complete set.  I can also visualize what a statement these would make stitched together in one pillow insert or framed piece. Hmmm--maybe that's what I need to do.


  1. You're going to have a busy late winter/early spring! Great eye candy!

  2. Very interesting! I wish I were living close by to watch. These are pretty, and appear to be great teaching/learning pieces like we did years ago.