Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They said it wouldn't last!

Today was the 20th wedding anniversary for Arthur and me.  I had to doublecheck the date in the commemorative album that my Aunt Maggie assembled for me.  Perhaps I should explain why--I spent the summers from 1982 through 1999 running Needle Nicely, not in Vero Beach, but back in Blowing Rock, NC.  With the exception of the summer of 1991.  That was the year Trubey went to Blowing Rock alone and I stayed in Vero Beach so I could plan my August wedding to Arthur. 

That makes it sound quite elaborate.  Not really.  The main components were making sure Fleming Church was presentable in Speedwell, VA (no electricity, no music, itinerant Methodist minister), arranging for the minister, and obtaining a license.  My mother's family have attended the church for I don't know how many years--there are generations buried in the churchyard and more several miles away at the site of the old homeplace.  Bless my cousins for making sure everything was spic-and-span.  Introducing myself to the Reverend Carrico over the telephone was an experience.  He mentioned that he preferred to do pre-marital counseling.  That struck fear in my heart.  No way my 54-year-old groom was going to go for that!  I explained the situation, and after a chuckle, the minister said we might have some advice to offer him. 

We drove from Vero to Blowing Rock the week before the wedding.  Poor omen--a speeding ticket just south of Jacksonville, Fl.  Arthur (from Manhattan, on more of an adventure than he suspected) refused to tell him we were on our way to be married.  He was irritated because we were pulled out of a line of speeders.  I thought it was karma for all those years I had pulled (and was to pull) a trailer while speeding by.

On Wednesday before "the day", we drove from Blowing Rock into Virginia to get our wedding license.  There are no interstates in northwestern North Carolina leading to southwestern Virginia.  And the fog rolled in.  When we were ready to make "the turn" in Independence toward Wytheville, the fog was heavy.  I made an instant decision and since the courthouse is on the right as you make the turn, in we went.  The lady taking our application told us how much it was.  We both  reached for our money.  She grabbed Arthur's hand and said, "let her pay, honey".  We laughed all the way back to Blowing Rock.
Today we celebrated with lunch 45 minutes north in Palm Bay at the Yellow Dog Cafe, which is currently our favorite restaurant.  At our ages we do lunch with a designated driver.  We are older and wiser!

Anne Stradal (of advised me this morning to "get those rugs done".  Tropical Storm Emily is approaching.  I had time not only to water the rosemary in front of the shop; but also to pack the small rugs before sneaking off for my anniversary lunch.  And here is a sampling of the rug canvases:

This marvelous free-flowing tulip canvas was designed by Julie Poitras of JP Designs.  It's approximately 2'x3' on 10mesh.

A marvelous study in color-tones, this 2'x3' rug on 10 mesh was designed by Lee's Needle Arts.  What a wonderful composition of color!

Doesn't this make you think you're on a tropical island?  I love to look at it.  I regret that my brain forgets the designer but I will add it tomorrow night (after I dig through plastic bin #4, where it's at the top).  It is 10 mesh. It cries to be a wall hanging with many pattern stitches.  And my fingers twitch to do those stitches. N.B.:  I checked and this is a JP canvas.

Is it Great Inagua Island?

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  1. Happy Anniversary--here's to another 20 years of marital bliss!