Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anniversary seashell tote, VI

I definitely have slowed down on stitching this.  I've managed to do the sand dollars, the bi-valve (for want of a better name), the little whelks, and the coral.  The coral, in particular, was pesky to stitch.  Four stitches of this color, 3 of that, and a spattering of dots for accent.  Yuck!  I do like the look, but wish I were further along. 

While I'm only showing one side, the stitching progress is the same on both sides.  I find it easier to stitch matching shells at the same time.  It also helps keep my fibers organized--and, my mind. 

Now for the final push.  My new deadline is to have this sent to the finisher before Labor Day so it isn't traveling on the holiday and perhaps they can get the blocking started before they go on vacation.  Think fast stitching wishes for me!

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  1. It may be slow going, but it looks gorgeous, Mary Agnes!