Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hearts and flowers cyberclass II

First  to give credit to the designer of this piece:  Carol Algie Higginbotham.  Thank you, Carol, for designing such a delightful piece to stitch.

I've stitched the two frames of smyrna crosses in Elegance, which is equivalent to perle #8.  Then, just to get an idea of how the area inside the two frames is going to look, I started the alternating Scotch stitches using flair and neon rays.   I also did more outlining Smyrna crosses in Nordic gold.  It's fun to have enough of the design established so I can jump around doing a little of this design element and a little of that element.

However, it's obvious that I have many more Smyrna crosses in my future, as well as lots of basketweave.

And a thank you to Barbara Bergsten and her sister Sarah for taking the time yesterday to stop by the shop while they were in town.  It's always enjoyable to "talk shop" and exchange ideas. 

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