Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coral Class II, finished (almost!)

I can't believe that my blog entry about starting this class canvas was November 4.  It's amazing how time flies when you're doing a blog entry a day without a working camera.  I've gotten a lot of stitching done in the last month, just very little on this canvas.  And life seems to happen.

First, confession is good for the soul they say.  Hmmm.  Last week I was trying to hustle the completion of this when I noticed that my background count was off.  So, I blithely made it right and continued stitching.  No one will notice, I said to myself, the former library cataloger. 

Well, it was waving a red flag at me, so last night I cut it out and stitched it correctly.

Now I just need to complete stitching 3 rows of basketweave around the remaining 3 sides and it will truly be finished.  I've already selected the project that will replace it in my stitching life.

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