Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flamingo sandal re-purpose

Several years ago, needlepoint sandals were all the rage.  Trubey designed these canvases to fit on Dr. Scholl's wooden forms.  And then they languished on the rack.  Too many people felt the wooden shoes were too unforgiving--uncomfortable and noisy.  So what to do with the canvases?  I'm thinking they'll make inserts for a nice pair of pillows.  They could also be resized to fit some of the Lee's items (like the small purse).  I plan to offer a choice of canvas for a class I'll be offering in the next few months. The flamingo canvas I blog-stitched starting June 25, 2011, is too large for my usual class project.

I'm stitching in 4-ply splendor.  The background is tweeded, with 2 ply each of white and pale aqua.  I decided to do the background in the mosaic stitch.  The first flamingo on the left is started in the Nobuko stitch.  All of the eyes will be smyrna crosses and the beaks will be alternating slanted gobelin.  I've extended the left edge of the canvas and will stitch an extended body of that green flamingo.  I also stitched 2 extra rows of mosaic on the top border and am considering adding 2 or 3 more rows to extend the size. 

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  1. These canvases should produce some pillows with a nice Florida feel. I like the tweeded effect of the background.