Saturday, December 24, 2011

Leaf medallion class, part 2

I worked alone in the shop today.  I did my good deed and called and left a message (again!) for a grandmother that her finished stocking was ready.  Thank goodness grandfather came running in to save the day.  Several other people stopped in so I was glad I was open until 2pm.  Needle Nicely is in a tourist town, so we are always open between Christmas and New Year's (closing New Year's Eve at 2pm).

I worked on my leaf medallion class.  I'm making progress.  I have decided to add a silk 'n ivory to my fibers, but it's a shade we're out of--hopefully it will be here Monday or Tuesday. 

Once again, I apologize.  I'm still using my scanner while Canon has my camera hostage.  I find out Tuesday whether they can repair it.  I finally talked with someone willing to acknowledge that a month was a little long to be fobbed off with "the part has been ordered". 

I'm up to 9 3/4" so I just have to decide on another one or two stitches.  Next week should show more progress on this, just in time to list it in the class schedule and determine what the class will cost.  And Wednesday I'll show my new home blog project (the leaf medallion is one I work on at the shop).  I confess that I have 2 projects to keep me from forgetting to bring my current project home or vice versa.  Life is simpler that way. 

I spent my afternoon baking a cake and making a cheese ball for tomorrow's festivities, just a quiet celebration with my husband and myself.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and may we all have a profitable New Year!

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  1. Amen! We all hope 2012 is better for us all.

    Your project is lovely. I'm enjoying wondering what you will come up with next.