Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flamingo sandal, week #3

My home stitching time has been curtailed this week as I checked out the websites of designers who don't have sales reps.  I need to be placing orders to fill in gaps in my inventory.  As they say, "time's awastin'"--season will be here before I know it.  It shocks me to realize how long it takes to websurf.

I had a really positive experience concerning the internet this weekend.  A woman in Hawaii emailed me concerning a company I have listed among designers on the Needle Nicely website.  As far as I know they are out of business, which is what I told her.  However, as a last stab I entered a query on Facebook and Shazam!  Maggie from Maggie & Co commented that Needlepoint Inc still owned Wee Needle and she had told Diane about my query.  So a stitcher in Hawaii who I have never met will be able to replace a canvas that she left on an airplane just because of the internet (and because I am brilliant--well, that may be stretching it!) 

My lavendar flamingo is stitched in the encroaching gobelin with the patio cashmere for his/her wing. 

Pinkie's body is done in the criss-cross Hungarian.  I will fill in the open space with a French knot in the darker pink that I will use for her wing. 

And though it is scarcely noticeable, I have added to the background.  As Anne Stradal says, this week I must get out my turbo needles and finish this because I have a companion piece to start.  Too many canvases, so little stitching time!

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  1. I should mention Unclaimed Baggage, which used to be the largest company that bought lost luggage for resale. That may no longer be the case.

    Anyway, they might be able to track down a lost piece of needlepoint. The original owner's wife stitched and she helped several needlepointers find their lost pieces. I know this because she was great friends with my beloved godmother who also needlepointed. Next time you run into this situation, perhaps Unclaimed Baggage can help.