Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mish-mash mind

Mish-mash mind is just how I feel.  I can't stitch much further on my "Leaf medallion" class piece because someone (ME) picked a watercolors that I only had 2 skeins of--and of course I need at least 1 more skein, 2 would be better.  I've tried calling shops I know and Lois at the Caron Collection to no avail.  Barry at Town-Ho in Brewster, MA, even sent me 2 skeins, each a different dye lot to see if one would work.  Sigh.
I started with Fir #112, dye lot 311.  Tomorrow I'm going to make my first posting at the Needlepoint group on Facebook to see if someone there can help. 

And then the never-ending saga of the digital camera.  Canon keeps saying they are going to replace it.  However, because of the holidays they are out of stock.  They have said this repeatedly, with no expected delivery date.  Hmmm.  Finally yesterday the young lady mentioned perhaps she should check with a supervisor.  Sounds promising, doesn't it?  Doesn't work that way.  He merely exclaimed over the length of time I've been waiting and promised to expedite matters.  I almost laughed out loud, but instead thanked him before hanging up and then laughing.  And then an email appears from Canon.  Could I please answer a questionnaire concerning my 1/6/12 experience with their customer service?  I think I'll pass on that until I have a camera in my hot little hands. 

And then there was the little old man who wandered in this afternoon, looking for iron-on patches.  When I suggested K-Mart (across the parking lot), he looked around and said "Well, what do you do in here if you don't have iron-on patches?"  I should have told him I sell tropical fish, but I just smiled and said "Needlepoint".  He was shaking his head in puzzlement as he left. 

However, it's Saturday night and I have tomorrow's New York Times to look forward to.  Yum!  Hope your weekend is equally pleasant.

Not wanting to appear whiny, I must mention that I sent my camera in mid-November and paid for its repair 11/22/11.  I was told the next week that it was repaired and in transit to me.  Imagine my surprise when I didn't receive it and then called Canon to be told they were ordering more parts.  Not nice.

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