Saturday, January 14, 2012

A photographer again!

Well, finally!  After multiple phone calls, I am once again the proud possessor of a working Canon digital camera.  Hooray!  And it works beautifully.  And my first photograph is to show you the finished pillow model of the Flamingos that I worked on this fall.

Another photograph is this one of a canvas I'm going to basketweave and send to a belt finisher who I just heard makes key fobs.  This will eventually be a shop model.

Of course, you understand I need to stitch this in my sleep.  We've been busy at the shop this week and my stitching time there has dwindled.  That's definitely a good thing. 

Another good thing--I remembered reading Kathy Rees' blog ( where she designs charted needlepoint utilizing watercolors.  I took a chance and called her.  She sent me two skeins of Fir and while not the same dyelot they were very close.  Now I can finish my Fern medallion.  Life is looking good!

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