Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flamingo sandal, week #4

It finally sank into my thick skull that it won't be long before my classes start and perhaps I should have all the stitches selected for the two flamingo sandal canvases.  Duh!  While I was quick-stepping through the blue and orange flamingos, I noticed that the area of background under Pinkie's chin (do flamingos have chins?) was whiter than the rest of the background.  Sure enough, I had 3 white strands mixed with only 1 blue--amazing how obvious that was to the naked eye.  Heaven only knows what happened to the leftover blue strand. 

I decided to stitch the dark area on each head with the same stitch--the kalem.  Pinkie's wing is stitched in the Byzantine #2 (as labeled in Stitches to Go by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson).   I started filling in the spaces in the criss-cross Hungarian with French Knots in the dark pink. 

The "Blue Boy's" body is stitched in the diagonal mosaic and the wing in the knotted stitch.  The Orange flamingo's body is done in Byzantine #3 and the wing in the Hungarian Ground stitch.  I should have plied up to 6 strands for the upright Hungarian Ground, but forgot until I had stitched most of it.  Some bare spots showed up and I just over-stitched in a few places. I'm only telling you just so you will know that I'm not perfect, in case you were under that misapprehension! 

Next week I'll start on the other panel from the sandal canvases.  I'm already picking out stitches and readying my needles.

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  1. It's nice to reaffirm that not everyone's perfect! I like the orange guy's neck!