Saturday, January 21, 2012

New key fob

I managed to finish my canvas for the new key fob.  I'll be sending it to the belt finisher on Monday.  I can't wait--I really want the model tomorrow, not in 4 to 6 weeks.

It was a major sacrifice for me to only put "Mary" instead of Mary Agnes, but that would have made the alphabet too small aesthetically (get that!!) and I kept reminding myself it is only a shop model. 

Just had to show off another new addition to the inventory.  It's a magnet, but not one for attaching to your canvas while you are stitching; but rather to the refrigerator or just to hold a business card.  And it is very appropriate for Florida.

Who couldn't love that darling face? 

And my last photograph is "a blast from the past".  Someone reminded me this morning of my first car which I kept for about 25 years--a 1967 blue Mustang 289.  I bought it and learned to drive from Boone to Linville and Boone to Blowing Rock in North Carolina.  Talk about memories.  I commemorated it with this pillow that I have at home (one of the few) that was a kit from, I think, Studio 2 years ago.

Isn't she lovely?  Someone should do a series of designs of classic car grilles.  I know Joanie Sherman did Christmas ornaments of some classic cars which we stock.  Great idea!

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