Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pretty posies and the ditherer

Wow!  This is my 200th post.  I don't know about you, but I'm very impressed with my stick-to-itiveness (is that really a word?).  I'm grateful for the wonderfully perceptive people who have chosen to follow my blog and a bit disappointed that none of my employees can be bothered to look at it.  Obviously I'm not very interesting to those who know and love me.  EDIT:  Now blogger tells me I have 2 more to go before 200.  I used to be so good with math.  So a little premature celebration can't hurt.

I've been dawdling on putting the rugs in the plastic bins.  I'm on bin #3, three more to go.   The combination of bending, folding and dust gets to me.  I remind myself that it's inexpensive exercise and might help my waistline.  Who would think that dust gathers in needlepoint canvases en masse?

The progress on the pretty posies canvas has been slow because of doubt about my stitch selection for the blossoms.  I decided to do turkey work with ribbon floss.  
Usually I don't trim any of the turkey work I've stitched until the item is finish/finished so the loose ends don't get in the finishers way and the final finished form can affect the length of the trimmed stitches.  I was having so many second thoughts that I took the canvas off the frame and trimmed the first blossom to get the feel for how it will eventually look.  A customer, Alice, suggested beveling the edges so the individual blossoms form domes.  I think sounds good and will aim for that with the finished product.  Turkey work is one of the slower stitches, but I think can be quite effective.

This shows a slightly closer view of blossom #1.

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  1. A riot of color! Very effective indeed, Mary Agnes.