Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snowflower tassel, the beginning

Last week I was scrounging around looking for a "quickie" project.  I rediscovered this free chart that Ruth Schmuff designed for Rainbow Gallery.  I had tucked it away "in a safe place" to stitch one day.  Needle Nicely doesn't stock all of the fibers Ruth called for so I substituted ones that I do have in stock.  This chart is available from your local needlework shop for free, thanks to John at Rainbow Gallery.

I usually attach my canvas to the "back" of the stretcher bars rather than the "front" so that my stitching is protected, but also so it is easier to end off threads (without bumping into the wood pieces).

 I wanted to show that after I started the first motif in the center of my canvas, I stopped and counted to find  the centers of the other motifs which I then marked by enlarging the canvas hole.  If you look closely (or enlarge the photograph) you can see the pin holes.  I find it much easier to count unstitched canvas rather than partially stitched canvas. 

These Jessica flowers were stitched using Petite sparkle rays for 5 of them and Crystal Braid for four. Between now and Saturday I'll be stitching the border that goes on the top and bottom of this central design.

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